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Winter 2018 Food Sale

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Thank you for your partronage. Our Winter baking will be December 8, 2018. Congratulations to our Winter 50/50 raffle winner, Nina B. from New City!

Nutroll orders may be picked up on Saturday, December 8 at the church between 3 pm and 8 pm, Sunday, December 9 between 10 am and 1 pm, or by special arrangement. (Orders NOT containing nut/poppy/prune rolls may be picked up beginning at 2 pm on Saturday.)

If you are ordering more than 5 of any one type of roll, we ask that you please pick up your order on Sunday.

Please try to place your order as soon as possible by filling out the form below or by calling (845) 368-3612.

We ship nut/poppy/prune rolls and Greek pastries via USPS Priority Mail for $7 to $14, per group of up to six items to any one destination. Orders are shipped out on the Monday after the sale and delivery takes about three days. (Sorry, we are not responsible for product breakage.)

Rolls - $12 each. Shippable.
A sweet bread dough rolled around a nut, poppy, or prune filling and baked to perfection. Baked fresh that day, suitable for freezing. (Approx. 12"x3"x2", 14-17 oz. each)


Pierogies - $7/dozen
Freshly made traditional pierogies with Potato, Potato-Cheese, Sauerkraut, Cheese, Prune, or Meat filling. Order each variety by the dozen. (Approx. 14 oz. per dozen)


Cabbage Rolls - 4 for $12
Fr. Joseph's own recipe! A delectable mixture of ground beef, pork, and rice, with a hint of garlic and dill, wrapped in cabbage, and braised in a savory tomato sauce. (Frozen. In sauce/Approx. 2 pounds per package)


Greek Pastries - $7/tin. Shippable.
From traditional Greek recipes, chopped nuts and honey are layered (baklava) or wrapped (Greek nutroll) in phyllo pastry and baked golden brown. 2 Baklava and 2 Greek Nutrolls per tin. (Approx. 12 oz. per tin)


Plate of Pelmeni (serving suggestion)

Pelmeni - $5/one pound package
Delicious chicken and pork-filled dumplings wrapped in a thin, unleavened dough. (Frozen. Approx. 40 pelmeni per 1-lb. package)



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Rolls ($12 each):

Pierogie ($7 per dozen, ordered in full dozens)
dz. Potato
dz. Potato-Cheese
dz. Sauerkraut
dz. Cheese
dz. Prune
dz. Meat

Cabbage Rolls (Sold Out)

Greek Pastries ($7 per tin of 2 Greek nutroll and 2 Baklava)
tins of Greek Pastries

Pelmeni ($5 per 1-lb package)
packages of Pelmeni

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